About Us

The Paradigm, is an online magazine inspired by the need to inform citizens. It was formally known as Paradigm Shift Nigeria and it operates from Nigeria.

At The Paradigm, we believe our society can be transformed if we have the right information, thus our Purpose:

To achieve a progressive and just nation that respect the rights of her citizens, offering social equity in a peaceful and democratic environment.

We would achieve our vision by using our platform as a means of disseminating information.

Our publications will feature exclusives, interviews, local and foreign news, lifestyle, business, politics, entertainment, Sports, op-eds, investigative reports and a vibrant eyewitness report.


The logo is made up of the name ‘The Paradigm’ and a crest – a combination of a flower rift, justice scale, and an eagle – depicting The Paradigm as a patriotic news sharing platform that is fair and unbiased.