Amina Daura New Head Of NFF Women’s Football

Amina Daura New Head Of NFF Women’s Football

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has appointed Amina Daura as its new Head of Women’s Football.

She replaced Ruth David, said Ademola Olajire, head of NFF’s Communications Department.

Amina Daura’s appointment followed the recommendation of Phillips Consulting.

The NFF employed the firm to shortlist the best candidate for the position.

Daura demonstrated a strong passion for the development of women’s football from grassroots to elite level.

“She was able to prove to the panel her capacity for stakeholder management and funding”, Olajire said.

According to the NFF, 11 candidates were interviewed for the position, including 7 Nigerians.

Daura, a UNICEF ambassador, is expected to oversee the development of women’s football across the nation.

She will also provide technical support to Super Falcons’ Head Coach, Randy Waldrum.

” She will be responsible for increasing the participation of women in football at all levels.

“She will also be involved in developing opportunities for women in football with respect to grassroots education, performance and administration”, Olajire said.



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