Middle-belt Asks Governors To Create Own ‘Amotekun’

Middle-belt Asks Governors To Create Own ‘Amotekun’

The Middle Belt Forum has asked governors in the North-Central geo-political zone and two others in the North-East to create a security network similar to Amotekun in the region.

President of the forum, Pogu Bitrus, made this known in a statement on Saturday.

According to the group, this will prevent unnecessary killings in the region by hoodlums.

He said, “We believe that a security outfit like Operation Amotekun will serve our communities better than the proposed community policing which is similar to the works as currently being done by informants in providing intelligence to the police.

“The present decimation of communities in Middle Belt states and the turning of towns and villages into silent killing fields need to be revisited by these governors in collaboration with relevant agencies of the Federal Government to end the massive siege unleashed on Middle Belt states.

“More than anything, the governors should embark on measures towards engendering development and providing hope for people and communities that are under siege.”

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