Ecuador Protesters Take Eight Police Officers Hostage

Ecuador Protesters Take Eight Police Officers Hostage

Eight police officers have been taken a hostage in Ecuador amid ongoing demonstrations that have forced the government from the capital.

Indigenous demonstrators paraded the seven men and one woman on a stage in Quito before a crowd of thousands.

They are demanding the end of austerity measures and some even the resignation of President Lenín Moreno, who declared a state of emergency last week and moved to the second city of Guayaquil.

Several have died in the violence.

Protests began after the government announced an end to fuel subsidies last week, as part of a loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Petrol prices soared and thousands took to the streets. In recent days, they have set up barricades, stormed buildings and clashed with security forces, who have tried to disperse the crowds with tear gas.

Indigenous-led protests have toppled three presidents in the past few decades. They have taken dozens of officers hostage in various locations throughout the country since the unrest began.

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