BREAKING: Mercy breaks the jinx, wins BBNaija grand finale

BREAKING: Mercy breaks the jinx, wins BBNaija grand finale

Twenty – six- year – old Mercy Eke made history , as she is the first woman to win the coveted prize .

Ceece had come close to winning the big prize in the last season , having become one of the two last two finalists, but she missed it .

According to her bio on BBNAija website , Mercy , the video goddess and businesswoman , is based in Lagos .

She loves cooking , swimming , travelling and dancing .

No matter the setbacks , Mercy always picks herself up and does her best , Biggie narrated .

“ I ’ m grateful for each and every day. Being alive today is already the highest point of my life ,” she once said .

When she ’ s not dancing , singing or rapping , Mercy makes time to enjoy her favourite food — white rice and pepper soup .

“ If she had a million dollars in her account , would Sugar still be in the BB Naija game ?” she was asked .

“ Yes , I would. I want the fame. The popularity is very important for my business , ” she said at the inception of her stay in the house .

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