Jonathan leads observers to monitor South Africa elections

Jonathan leads observers to monitor South Africa elections

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has arrived in Johannesburg , South Africa , along with election observers to monitor the South African national and provincial elections .

This comes a year after Jonathan led observers to monitor elections in Sierra – Leone.

A post on his Facebook page read , “I arrived in Johannesburg early this morning to lead the Election Observation Mission of the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa to South Africa ’ s national and provincial elections .

“Democracy has indeed turned the corner in Africa with many nations holding periodic and peaceful elections which put in the hands of the people the power to choose their leaders .”

The former President , who has been celebrated around the world for his decision to concede defeat to President Muhammadu Buhari after the 2015 Presidential election , has become an advocate for the promotion of democracy in Africa .

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  1. Udegbue Peter says:

    Jonathan is an example of a perfect leader. He played the Nigerian politics the best way. The only regrets is that he conceded defeat to a regional and sectarian bigot. We miss you our amiable leader.

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