No More Guinea Worm in Nigeria, Otherwise, Report One, Get Paid —Scientist

No More Guinea Worm in Nigeria, Otherwise, Report One, Get Paid —Scientist

A Medical Scientist, Prof. Luke Edungbola, has pledged to reward anyone who reports any case of guinea worm disease in Nigeria to him or any accredited authority.

According to University of Ilorin’s bulletin issued on Monday, Edungbola made the pledge while speaking on the success of eradicating guinea worm disease in Nigeria.

“Ignorance, taboos, insecurity, poor access to clean water and the remote locations of some human settlement, particularly in the North-Western part of the country, extensively aided the spread of the ailment before my intervention.”

“As at the time the war against the disease started, Nigeria was undoubtedly the most infested in Sub-Saharan Africa with about a million confirmed cases in several locations across all its regions.”

The publication stated that the Parasitologist enjoined his colleagues to always give every situation their best, and their responsibilities go beyond classroom teaching but also involve translating and transforming their expertise to finding solutions to challenges.

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