2019: Govt Bans Street Campaigns, Rallies

2019: Govt Bans Street Campaigns, Rallies

The Kwara State government has banned street rallies and campaigns across the state following the recent attacks that led to sporadic shootings of innocent citizens and the destruction of properties. In a broadcast to the people of the state on Tuesday, Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed explained that the decision was necessary to ensure that the state is not plunged into chaos.

He added that only political rallies in designated places will be allowed. The Governor also called on security operatives, especially the police to ensure compliance, while vowing that anyone found perpetrating any form of violence will be punished.


He said, “As you are aware, political campaigns have commenced ahead of the general elections. “In keeping with the tradition in our state, these campaigns were expected to be robust but peaceful. “Unfortunately, what we have witnessed is an increasing resort to criminality as a result of heightened political activities with a consequent threat to law and order. “Let me make it clear, we will not let our state slide back to the dark era of fear and violence.

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  1. Maitama Tambari says:

    Ohmmm. When you plant corn you reap corn when you planted deception, lies and falsehood you reap chaos and anarchy.

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