Prophecies on 2019 Election Fake: Enugu Prophet, Anthony Nwoko

Prophecies on 2019 Election Fake: Enugu Prophet, Anthony Nwoko

Enugu based Prophet, Anthony Nwoko has slammed Nigerian clerics over their 2019 prophecies, accusing them of feeding the people with falsehood.

Nwoko said most of the prophecies dished out by Nigerian clerics were packaged to serve pecuniary interests.

The media reports that most of the 2019 prophecies had centred on the 2019 general elections.

However, Nwoko said his colleagues had done more harm than good to the nation’s economic and political spheres, because “they always sing the praises of politicians, and tell them what they want to hear, and not what they are not getting right.”

Delivering his new year message in Enugu on Tuesday, he insisted that most of the prophecies recently pronounced by some Nigeria’s religious leaders on the 2019 general elections were fake and should not be taken seriously by Nigerians.

He stressed the need for Nigeria as a nation to rise up and embrace God and His light, which he claimed emanates from the Eastern part of the country, pointing out that the citizens were suffering today because the political leaders were working against the will of God, which “has brought suffering, poverty, corruption and killings in the land.”

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