Ritual Killings: 2 Grandmothers Clubbed to Death in Ondo

Ritual Killings: 2 Grandmothers Clubbed to Death in Ondo

Residents of Oke-Egbe community in Ikare Akoko area of Ondo State are still mourning over last week’s gruesome murder of two septuagenarians, who were hacked to death by yet to be identified ritualists.

Anxiety had gripped the community and its environs when news of the bizarre killings spread like wild fire. First to be clubbed to death with a pestle was a petty trader, Madam Modinat Ala, 72. Her vital organs of her body were removed by suspected ritualists who stormed her residence located at E/97 Okeegbe Street, Ikare.

She reportedly opened the door for her assailants thinking that they were her usual customers, who visit at night to buy the petty household needs she sells at home. The other victim, a 75 year old tenant, Awawu Abdukarim was hit severally with the same pestle for “poke nosing” when the killers of Madinat were busy carrying out their dastardly act.

She was said to have heard strange noises and rushed out to check on her friend, Madinat, only to suffer the same fate as she too was attacked.

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