Oyetola would Surpass Osun expectations – Comrade Kunle Oyediran

Oyetola would Surpass Osun expectations – Comrade Kunle Oyediran

The Osun State Coordinaor of the Buhari National Students Support Group, Comrade Kunle Oyediran has assured Osun Indigenes of the preparedness of His Excellency Gboyega Oyetola to settle down to the business of governance.

In a statement, the Buhari Students’ Coordinator urged the people of Osun to view the Oyetola Administration as a people oriented one that is ready to cater for all aspects of the state, noting that there was much to be done if things are to progress on a positive pedestal

“His Excellency Alhaji Oyetola is a man of many parts that has garnered experience from diverse sectors of life, and with someone of his calibre taking the mantle of governance in the State of Osun we can only have immense hopes for the next 4 years.”

“As a person, I am not in doubt that he’s going to exceed the expectations of the good people of Osun State as plans are underway to turn the state into a huge construction site. No stone will be left unturned with his leadership, and his exposure to modern leadership practices will make us the envy of states in the Federation.

Comrade Oyediran further stated “He combines success in business over the years with experience in government and administration.

These two are vital areas that affect society and His Excellency is more than capable of bringing out the best in Osun State. We can expect more young people involved in governance and a system of government operating with the best practices as is obtainable around the world.”

He further explained that it was time to move Osun State a notch higher into limelight, and that the people need to view the Oyetola Administration with the eye of a new gift. He therefore called for the collaboration of all well meaning Osun indigenes with the government of the day on the greater Osun Project.

“The ability and potential for any government to succeed is embeded in its level of fluidity with the people. No government succeeds in isolation, therefore support is needed for the government of His Excellency Gboyega Oyetola, as this will further enhance its productivity.”

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