Microsoft, Google Partner AcadaPlus to Boost Tech-Driven Sector

Microsoft, Google Partner AcadaPlus to Boost Tech-Driven Sector

As part of efforts to improve on the quality of education in the country, a new technology software, AcadaPlus was recently unveiled to aid teaching and learning in schools.

The founders, Stephen Ovadje and Deji Mabogunje explained that the software is a premier school administration and analytics platform that offers school communities intuitive tools, dashboards and insights to monitor and drive students’ performances.

According to them, the software provides simple, intuitive apps to enhance teaching and administrative productivity.

Already, a partnership arrangement with Microsoft and Google has been introduced to for effective technological development of the sector.

They added that the tool, through data visualisations and analytics enables teachers, students, parents, and administrators evaluate performance anytime and anywhere, on any device.

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