Taking Alcoholic Drinks Isn’t a Sin — Lynxx

Taking Alcoholic Drinks Isn’t a Sin — Lynxx

Born- again singer and rapper , Chukie Edozien , aka Lynxx , says it is not a sin to take alcoholic drinks .

The rapper had reportedly been seen smoking at social functions but he had never addressed the issue .

While refusing to comment on reports of him smoking, he told Sunday Scoop, “It is not a sin to drink ( alcohol ) . What was Jesus ’ first miracle in the Bible ? He turned water to wine. I still hang out with my old friends in the entertainment industry . ”

He argued that despite being a born – again Christian, he wasn’t doing gospel music . He said , “ I am born- again , but I am not doing gospel music and I don’t do secular music again too . I cannot call myself a minister of God just because I performed at a gospel show. I don ’t have a name for my kind of music . If I feel like praising God today , I will make a song about God, and it doesn ’t necessarily mean I am a gospel artiste. ”

Lynxx stated that he hadn’ t released a new song in a while because he took time off music . “ I took a break because I needed to focus on business and my new found relationship with God in 2015 . You could have a career but also have goals that might not be in line with what you do for a living . Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices and focus on other things before you get back to what you are known for ,” he said .

The rapper maintained that he had never regretted his decision to quit secular music . He added , “ God is the most important thing to me . You can never experience Christ in His true form and regret it . I don’t think there is anyone who can tell me that they have encountered the Holy Spirit and regretted it . It is impossible !”

After performing at the Catholic Church ’s

Unusual Praise concert two years ago , Lynxx explained why he didn ’ t perform at this year’s edition .

“ I didn ’t perform because I am now part of the community putting things together. I also wanted to experience the show, the worship and the praises . For me , I found fulfillment and joy in that ,” he added.


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