Nigerian ‘Black’ Hackers Afflict Maritime Organizations

Nigerian ‘Black’ Hackers Afflict Maritime Organizations

Maritime firms all over the world are at the mercy of a group of 20 hackers called ‘Gold Galleon’ who have been perceived to be ‘Nigerians’.

Gold Galleon have been ripping shipping firms of thousands of dollars and constituting great threats to their securities.
In this vein, an organisation whose focus appears to be on the maritime industry, Network Security Firm Secureworks has red-flagged the group.
Secureworks revealed that this group of black hackers work together to hack maritime firms all over the world using basic techniques and skills.
They rent hacking tools for just a few dollars per month; they communicate via Skype; and they identify targets using online company directories and commercially-available contact lists.
Despite the fact that their locations aren’t precise, signals indicate that they’re of Nigerian descent. In addition, the hackers communicate with each other in ‘Pidgin English’.
Secureworks further revealed that usernames and passwords used by Gold Galleon are phrases similar to phrases associated with a Nigerian organization, ‘Buccaneeers Confraternity’.
The group intercepts business transactions of maritime organizations to divert funds to their account, the security firm revealed.

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