‘If Nigeria Fails, Africa Fails’ – US Ambassador

‘If Nigeria Fails, Africa Fails’ – US Ambassador

At the official launch of “Know Your Rights Nigeria” mobile application, an initiative of a lawyer, Adeola Oyinlade; John Bray, the United States (US) ambassador to Nigeria has spoken that if Nigeria fails, Africa is doomed.

He stated that the economic and political advancement of other nations in Africa depends on Nigeria’s political and economic advancement.

“As one of the most important countries on the continent, given its large population, thriving commercial enterprises, and strategic geo-political location, Nigeria is critical to Africa’s prosperity and stability”, John Bray said.
“Furthering our strong bilateral relationship with Nigeria, and building on Nigeria’s historic, peaceful transfer of power we continue to press for progress to strengthen Nigeria’s democratic institutions.”
The US ambassador said that if peace and prosperity does not happen in Nigeria, it is not guaranteed anywhere else in Africa.
Furthermore, he said that the United States will continue to support those around the world fighting for human dignity.

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