Paris Refund: Osun 2011/12 Retirees Protest in Osogbo

Paris Refund: Osun 2011/12 Retirees Protest in Osogbo

Sodiq Yusuf

Pensioners under the aegis of Forum of 2011/12 Retired Public Servants of Osun on Wednesday morning staged a protest at the entrance to the Government Secretariat to drive home non-payment of their entitlements.

The factional chairman of the group, Mr Omoniyi Ilesanmi, who addressed newsmen on the sidelines of the protest, said they are out to ensure the government does not divert the released Paris Refund for other use.

It would be recalled that the Osun state government through a statement yesterday (Tuesday) confirmed payment of second tranche of Paris Refund to the state and promised judicious distribution of the fund.

Meanwhile, the Chairman, Triangular Group of Pensioners in the State, Prince Rotimi Adelugba has raised alarm over the splinter motive of the Omoniyi Ilesanmi-led group.

In a statement, Mr Adelugba accused the Ilesanmi group of being sponsored by the opposition in the state to paint the present administration in a bad light; a situation he said is capable of breaching public peace.

According to the statement, “Right before the state government announced precisely how much it received from the federal government as second tranche of the Paris Refund; we were intimated on the series of meeting held by Ilesanmi’s group and other operatives of the politician.” Prince Adelugba stated.

“As much as we support the right of our colleague to express their constitutional guaranteed right of freedom of speech and expression, we take an exception to their collaboration with politicians in the state thereby giving their protest a political undertone.

“We are calling on the security agencies in the state to be on the lookout for well-armed miscreant who have been embedded with Ilesanmi’s group with the aim of destabilizing the peace we enjoy in the state of Osun.

On the payment of pensions and gratuity, Prince Adelugba pleaded with his colleague to come to the negotiating table like over 30,000 members of the Nigerian Union of Pensioners have done rather than going on the street with the sole aim of embarrassing the government and not engagement.
“If resolution of the issue at hand is their intention, they will be on the negotiating table and not the street, but we are certain their intention is otherwise. The government have been open to us. I recall, Osun was the first state to publish how it spent the first tranche of the Paris refund. We have confidence the Governor Aregbesola’s administration to properly disburse the second tranche of the refund like he did the first one.” The statement reads.

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One Comment

  1. Princesstar57 says:

    This protest is total senseless and lacks total credibility because the said reason for it is being addressed by the state government. The Osun State government used largest part of the last Paris Fund to pay pensioners and has also promised same action will be taken when the next Paris Fund is paid to the state government.
    They would have been so ungrateful if they are the group that carried out this protest but we all know it was staged by the opposition party for political gains only.

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