Nicki Minaj. Photo Credit: Ellen

Nicki Minaj. Photo Credit: Ellen

REVEALED: Mysteries Surrounding Nas And Nicki’s Relationship

Recall that Nicki Minaj revealed during her last feature on the Ellen DeGeneres show that she was dating the rapper, Nas whom she referred to as the rap king of Queens.

However, Nicki Minaj has been alleged to have other ulterior motives behind her relationship arrangement with the rapper.

Nicki who referred to herself as the queen of Queens adding that she had had sleep overs at the rapper’s place is according to fresh report using the rap legend as a pedestal for her publicity and PR.

Acccording to The Jasmine Brand, an insider source revealed that “[Nicki] told her team that she planned to link up with Nas to do a collaboration”. She was like, “He’s the king of queens and I’m the queen and this collab would silence everything. Her team was like, “Why not take it a step further and put the idea of this being more then a collab on the table?”

Nicki Minajs’ publicity stunt of a relationship is more than just a stunt. It’s also allegedly a strategic scheme to make Meek Mill’s life a miserable hell, Jasmine Brand reports.

“They were telling her, ‘Yo, this is an automatic win if y’all link up.’ Nicki is still feeling the sting from the Remy Ma situation, so they’re trying to use all distractions to propel her fans and critics to forget about her L.

“She has never had a sleepover at his house. In fact, I think she was just humoring Ellen. You know to be tongue in cheek, but she has spent time with him. And no, they didn’t have sex, but they did do other things.

“Nas is her pawn to get back at Meek Mill. She wants people to think, ‘I upgraded and you [Meek] out here looking like you taking Ls now.”

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