Governor Yahaya Bello

Governor Yahaya Bello

Governor Bello Re-affirms His Commitment To Ensuring A Kogi ‘Safe For All’

 Alhaji Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State reaffirmed his commitment towards ensuring safety and security for the indigenes and inhabitants of Kogi State on Thursday.
He reiterated his firm commitment to ensuring continuous security and safety of lives and properties in the State and he promised not to relent in his administration’s lofty strides to fighting the enemies of the State.
This was made known in a statement signed by Petra Akinti Onyegbule, the Chief Press Secretary to the Kogi State Governor.
“The  Governor notes that he is fully aware of the antics of those enraged by the audacious move of his administration to destroy criminal hideouts and properties of criminals in the State.”
“The Governor expresses his awareness about the financiers and backers of these criminals committed to foisting mayhem on the people, noting that he is not oblivious of the fact that they are still out there, whilst they are erroneously thinking they are far away from the reach of the long arm of the Law. He however vows that whoever they are, wherever they may be, his government would be going after them and bringing them to justice,” the statement read.
It was however revealed that it is the intention of criminal elements to keep Kogites in a perpetual state of fear by orchestrating fresh moves to unleash a reign of terror.
Governor Bello declared that their plots will be overwhelmingly resisted. He therefore stated that neither crime nor a reign of terror would be tolerated in Kogi State.
“All law-abiding citizens and residents in the State are urged to remain calm, go about their legitimate businesses and report all suspicious activities to security agencies to carry out necessary investigations and address appropriately.”
In a similar vein, the Governor however directed a concerted strengthening of the existing curfew in Kogi Central senatorial district and stated that anyone who ignores the directive would be made to face the severe consequences of their actions.
The Governor also banned masquerade activities till further notice.
“Anyone who runs foul of this directive shall be brought to book for disrupting the public peace and obstruction of communal serenity, as a safe Kogi State which is a prerequisite for development and peaceful living would not be compromised under any guise, no matter whose ox is gored,” it was stated.

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