OGUN 2019: New Man, Different Approach, By Abiodun Olaniyan

OGUN 2019: New Man, Different Approach, By Abiodun Olaniyan

The year 2019 is a bit far but one should not be surprised that in Ogun West part of Ogun State it is already like the 2019 gubernatorial election is just few months away. Ogun State is in its fourth decade of existence and only Ogun West senatorial district is yet to produce an helmsman.

If occupying the seat of power is the only issue maybe the political frenzy would not be this high at least for now but added to the negative reality that Ogun West is yet to produce a chief executive of the state is the visible marginalization of the senatorial district in the distribution of democratic goodies or dividends by those who have ruled the state in the last 4 decades.

Presently in Ogun West, the agitation is stronger than before, the preparation towards another attempt at the Okemosan seat of Ogun power is quite early this time and the heat of it is already too hot for the level the preparation is now.

There is no doubt about the fact that the heat should be intense, the preparation too should truly be early for a district that has suffered deprivation of their democratic right as joint stakeholder in the Ogun project but added to the deprivation of democratic rights is the fact that a new kid is on the block, there is a new entrant into the race, a serving senator of the federal republic, Senator Solomon Olamilekan Adeola popularly known as Yayi by his teeming supporters. He is a big one as far the race is concerned. He was twice voted into the Lagos State House of Assembly, later elected as a member of the House of Representatives and now a serving Senator for Lagos West in the red Chambers.

Adeola is a Lagos returnee of Pahayi, Ilaro origin. His coming into the race has brought in a totally different approach to the way and manner aspirants from Ogun West have been approaching the game. As a matter of fact if there is anything the Ogun West aspiration to have one of theirs’ as Ogun governor in need of, it is a totally different approach to the Ogun West for governor agenda. This is even a very popular opinion among Ogun West elites that a new approach is needed since the old ways have not yielded the desired result. The popular saying has been “we cannot keep doing things the same way and expect different result”. Adeola’s declaration for the post beat the past records by aspirants from the West. It was fast considering the fact that the election is still couple of years away and the tempo of activities from the day he declared by launching his campaign platform, De Democrats in Ilaro has been unusually high. In the past, aspirants from the district would still largely be at consulting stage.

Actions from the camp of Yayi shows a man that has weighed his options and knows what it takes to get what he wants. Clearly he has done his consultation way back while others were still undecided on the best way to approach this one more electoral battle and the result is showing in his favour on the field.

Regardless of what anybody may have against him, there is no denying the fact that his campaign for 2019 governorship election in Ogun State is gathering momentum. It should be pointed out also that his imposing mansion in Ilaro has become a “mecca” of some sort where politicians from every part of the state have been coming to declare their support for his aspiration.

In the past, aspirants from Ogun West were the ones making their presence felt in the homes of different politicians to pledge allegiance and seek support. That may not be bad though, but it has not worked. It is different this time with Yayi, his strategy is working, he is lovable and politicians even across party divides are visiting him with the promise to be part of his attempt at making history as the first governor of Ogun State from Ogun West.

While aspirants from Ogun West in the past depended more on the structure and supporters base of godfathers and power brokers, Senator Solomon Adeola is building his own supporters base and structure not only in his Ogun West but across the three senatorial districts of Ogun State and he is already getting positive results. His foot soldiers are everywhere and one can see commitment written all over them.

Truly politics is fluid and election day is not tomorrow but one thing is sure, this time Ogun West is getting attention, Senator Adeola is moving and moving right. This time it seems as if Ogun West has a real challenger to the Okemosan throne that knows how to play the game and has all it takes to play it well.

There may still be few others from other districts and even Ogun West jumping into the 2019 battle but it is clear there is an early bird with an early lead. He has gained the elephant share of the battle ground and it is as clear as day light that he has the strength to hold on to his gains and acquire more.

Surely there is a new kid on the block and this is not taking anything away from other aspirants but so far 2019 is looking good for Ogun West and Yayi is shaping up real fine to be the man that will get Ogun West to Okemosan for the first time.

That he has said and he is still saying he will run an all inclusive government that will take care of all interests tribal or otherwise has been described by many politicians especially from other senatorial districts as reason they have bought in into his aspiration. 2019 is going to be different in some ways no doubt, there is a new man, with a different approach and Ogun State is looking good to have a new governor with a positively different approach to governance in 2019.

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