Photonews: Ooni Of Ife’s Olori Wuraola And ‘Former’ Lebanese Husband Elie Khouri

Photonews: Ooni Of Ife’s Olori Wuraola And ‘Former’ Lebanese Husband Elie Khouri

Meet the new wife of Ooni of Ife, Olori Wuraola Adeyeye and her former husband Elie Khouri.

Olori’s bosom friend Zainab who exposed her friend for engaging in shady affairs with several men, alleged that as early as December 2015, she was still married to her Lebanese lover Elie Khouri.

Also, a palace source has stated penultimate last week that “The news is true even the Oba is aware but turned deaf ears thinking they are blackmailing her. Infact he was quoting Isaiah 55 vs 8 and some gullible people were hailing his decision including the sisters.

“Kabiyesi love fair ladies so am not surprise, she is currently pregnant for the king but someone who was married as at December. They didn’t consult Ifa for kabiyesi himself (he bribed the Afobajes with cash and cars) so how will they consult Ifa for their new ashawo yeyelua. May God help us that stool has been lessened so sad.”

Is Ooni Of Ife Snatching Another Man’s Wife? Controversy Surrounds Oba Ogunwusi’s New Wife

Sonia was said to have also been married to former Jigawa state governor, Saminu Turaki. Her marriage to the former governor when she got pregnant while Turaki was battling with impotency. She later gave birth to twins who died at birth.

Find photos of Olori Wuraola and her ‘former’ husband below:New Ooni Of Ife's Olori Wuraola and former husband Elie khouri (1) New Ooni Of Ife's Olori Wuraola and former husband Elie khouri (2)

Ooni Of Ife’s New Wife Was Once Married To Two Top Politicians

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  1. Yes, some of us know they are both acting out of their flesh at the fullest of pride.

    The works of the Spirits of the Eyes and Desires.
    Not everything that flashes is Gold.

    However, nothing is done without our Heavenly father’s permission. Pray for them so nothing bad happens because God can do great things from no’thing. The more people pray the better for all our sakes.

    Wish them well because it gains you nothing but losses.

    With that said, When Oracles tell you to marry someone that was married before, God Please forgive me o. One has to go steps back onto how he became King.

    If money was used to raise a King, then we must understand, this is the beginning of the end of the Oduduwa’s Kingdom.

    Since the 1800, we have seen a decline at an exponential speed with Kingdoms losing powers. Even the United Kingdom is gradually fading away. It will be run by Arabs in the next 30 years.

    Now that money rules and hardly anyone seeks Value among the Yoruba Kingdoms, fights among the Kings, no one even understanding who really is O du du wa, it is then an obvious fact, all the the Yoruba Kingdoms will fade away steadily and be controlled by business men appointed by God himself.

    It is also a fact, “pure” dieties will never ever tell you to go Marry another wife talk less of someone married multiple times. It would have been an abomination to the trillion power.

    Does the King understand the power of a Virgin.
    Was he told, lectured and taught why Oracles demands Virgins for their Kings.

    Does the King know everything from A to Z in the Bible is about his bloodline.

    “Pure dirties” would have instructed the King makers to go look for a “raz looking” girl that fetches Water from the stream. She lives at the very core of the remote part of the village, far from the Palace and good looking things, no light no water. Probably only the girl, her mother, and small relatives lives there. Read your bible friends.

    Why you ask, because the Dieties are the only ones apart from Our Heavenly Father that knows that raz looking girl has the most purest blood from the Oduduwa bloodline.

    It is like Jesus having the purest blood from David, yet he and his father were carpenters. Living far from david’s palaces. Not rich, no money, etc and yet He iis the most powerful of all the seen and unseen.

    Our king better call that particular Chief that is refusing money and start making amends, soonest.

    Our people do not need to suffer anymore because of the Obas refusal to follow the core traditions.

    50 million people do not need to waste for one man’s thirst for sweetness of the eyes yet death to the Soul (Talking about lust here and not his Wife).

    I pray God gives Wisdom (Fear of God) and Understanding (Listening to the pure positive voice in our thoughts/head) so the Kings and their sins, their fathers and their sins, our fathers their sins and our sins are blotted out of the entire Original Jacob’s race currently in disarray.

    Do the kings know what that Agnada they are wearing really means, pride of the flesh.

    One King wore an Agbada so he can look bigger, stand out from his so called subjects, the Chiefs follow soothe and then the entire Kingdom got filled with pride of Agbada.

    Pray for them my concerned friends, so God can change their hearts and turn their paths to his directions for the sake of his Children seeking him.

    Pray for them my loved ones. It is the only way Spirits can leave a dry place peacefully.

  2. matlarex says:

    di a ris God ooooooooooooo, Marriage of 8 yrs crashed osc of position in the world????,HuuummmI can’t wait to see the wrath of God on both the Oba and the husband snatcher

  3. Pregnant…. Hmmmmm, what of the first wife, they schooled together went to youth service together and marry for years, so.Ooni can’t manage her any more… Life oh life, pregnancy lol. Hooked oba with pregnancy.

  4. Pls leave this Lady alone to enjoy and love ve her life .

    • adeola.abeni says:

      she trapped the king with her usual fake pregnancy, let us all wait and see the outcome of the relationship.She as introduced to oni of ife when he lives in lekki by one of their iya isale who normally gives her to men .However, oni told so many lies that it was ifa that introduced her to him, and even the sister are siding their brothers. Na wa oh. let us all wait and see the outcome of the queen of rebranding for the sake of leaving a hi life, and also the king who throw her wife of 8years away because of a street hawker/ runs girl in Abuja, who has no good background, and not even proud of her fathers flat in benin, posing with Jennifer obayuana as her cousin, are they related, let us all wait and see what happens. I hope it will not be too late for oni of ife.

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