Sam Hart and friends at the Golden Guinea Breweries

Sam Hart and friends at the Golden Guinea Breweries

The Return Of Golden Guinea To Umuahia, By Sam Hart

Went with my colleagues today to visit Golden Guinea Breweries Plc as a follow-up to the Governor’s visit 2 days ago. The engineers who came with the new equipments are rounding up installation.

If you know Umuahia, you will understand that Golden Guinea is not just a company, it is the pride of the people of Umuahia, nay Abia State. It has been closed down for about 13 years now but in a very short while, it will resume production.

The old production line had installed capacity to produce 24,000 bottles per hour. The new line will produce 48,000 with capacity to scale it up as demand increases.

The equipments at the brewery are the latest technology in Nigeria at the moment. Double the capacity at Ama Breweries Enugu and SABMiller Onitsha. Everything was replaced in double capacity!

The good news: Installation is complete!! The brewers are coming from Germany by next week and by the 2nd week of May 2016, Oyoyo mmi will roll out of the production line.

This feat was achieved through the untiring effort of the core investors in the brewery with tremendous support from the Abia State Government from the administration of Chief T.A. Orji to the current administration of Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu.

At the height of its operation before its unfortunate closure, Golden Guinea employed about 5,000 staff directly and indirectly. The best cars in Umuahia were driven by staff of Golden Guinea and they built some of the best houses in town. In short, they were the big boys. Those days are about to be re-enacted.

From distribution networks to support services, the new lease of life around Aba road, trailer parks and truck loading bays, suppliers, contractors, engineers, plumbers, accountants, even food sellers, the good times are back.

The management has assured that about 70% of the staff will be locally sourced. Imagine the number of jobs about to be created!!!

The good thing is that this is a private enterprise. No government magic. Competence will be the deciding factor. If you’re qualified, you will get the job.

From May 2016, Golden Guinea and Bergedorf Lager Beer, Eagle Stout and Bergedorf Malta will be back on the streets.

Tell a friend to tell a friend. Jee gwa ndi na esi agugo. Oyoyo mmi alola.

Kudos to the core investors for keeping faith with the project despite enormous challenges along the way. Kudos to the Abia State Government for the political will and support. In the end, Abia State will be better for it.

This is just the beginning. An industrial tsunami is hitting this state. From Arochukwu to Umuahia to Ukwa. Limestone Mining, GG and Morden Ceramics, Aba Glass Industry, Owaza Industrial Cluster, New Ariaria International Market, etc, whe ka la futawa afutawa.

May God keep us all alive to witness the glory of Abia State.

Hart is a Senior Special Assistant to the Abia State Governor Okezie Ikpeazu on Public Communications.

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