NGO Calls For Accountability And Transparency By Legislators

NGO Calls For Accountability And Transparency By Legislators

Following the inauguration of the 8th Assembly, a Non-governmental organization, Beyond Boundaries Legacy Leadership Initiative (BBLLI), has called on States and Federal legislators to be more transparent and accountable to the constituents, by publishing annual financial reports of allocations meant for constituency development and performance score cards and making them available to the people they represent. The organization made the call at the end of their Board of Trustees Meeting held on Tuesday in Abuja.

The Chairman of the organization, Comrade Omaga Elachi Daniel said that, for the objectives with which these legislators were elected to be met and if Nigeria must get it right in this political dispensation, every political office holder must be diligent and transparent in their representation so as to ensure proper delivery of the dividends of democracy to Nigerians at the grassroots. He said that due to the high-handedness and lack of adequate representation by some past legislators, it has become pertinent for the electorates to know the allocations accrued to their constituencies for development and to access if such monies were used judiciously for the betterment of the lives of the masses. He noted that this approach will curb corruption and embezzlement by public office holders, thereby, enhancing good governance, grassroots and a holistic national development.

Speaking further, Omaga noted that one of the aims of the organization is to “research, evaluate and monitor the socio-economic policies of African states to ensure that African States’ players and Leaders formulate and drive sustainable policies for the betterment of the poor masses”. He however, expressed disappointment that most times, processes of allocation of resources and its subsequent implementation by our representatives are shrouded in secrecy, thus, resulting in gross mismanagement of public funds. He stated that our leaders must always ensure they leave good legacies worthy of emulation.

While congratulating the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives elect, Sen. Olubukola Saraki and Honourable Yakubu Dogara respectively, the organization also commended President Muhammed Buhari GCFR, for maintaining an unbiased stance during the election of Principal Officers of the National Assembly. They charged the President to ensure that he delivers on his campaign promises by strengthening and empowering institutions that will serve the masses better.

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