Speaker, House of Representatives, Honourable Yakubu Dogara

Speaker, House of Representatives, Honourable Yakubu Dogara

House Speaker: It Is Shameful For APC Leaders To Descend So Low – Dogara Group

House of Representative-elect loyal to one of the contender for the speakership position of the green chamber has described as shameful, the actions of the leadership of the All progressives Congress who has insisted that it conducted a mock election for the contenders of the position.

The group in a press conference on Sunday said that in never participated in the illegality called the mock election because it walked out of the venue even before the election proceedings commenced.

Hon. Abdulmimin  Jubril, who addressed the press on behalf of other members of the group said the APC leaders planted someone said to be a representative of Hon. Dogara who accepted his nomination to participate in the election.

Read the full statement below:

Text of press conference by the 8th Assembly Consolidation Group held at Bolingo Hotel and Towers, Abuja, on Sunday 7th June 2015.

The APC leadership keeps telling the public that an election was conducted and Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila got 154 votes while Hon. Yakubu Dogara got 3 votes; this is a blatant lie and fraud, and  it’s shameful for the APC leaders to descend so low.

The mock election actually showed that APC has made a mockery of itself because we walked out of the venue even before they perpetrated the illegality. Hon. Dogara was not in the hall as at the time they said he was nominated but the APC leaders planted someone who impersonated one of us and another person was also planted and he accepted the nomination. This is fraudulent, shameful and dishonest. It was all arranged and done by APC leaders.

We never participated and we rejected the election because it was not in tandem with the spirit and letters of the constitution. The numbers allocated to us was a fraud, and we do not accept it.

The stability of the House is very important and the House needs to be left alone to elect its speaker.  We will never allow the number four citizen of this country to be pocketed by one selfish and greedy individual.

We want a courageous speaker who is free from the apron strings of a godfather and not one that will create special bedroom in the pocket of an individual.

After such huge intimidation, blackmail and inducement we are not surprise that they gave out such a number. On Tuesday, the real picture of the strength of our candidate – Hon. Yakubu Dogara – will emerge.

We are shocked and surprised that barely two weeks after taking over as the ruling party, is this the change we want to offer to Nigerians? Is this the departure from the past that Nigerians want? We have never seen this kind of manipulation in the political history of Nigeria. We are being intimidated and threatened because we toe the path of honour.

We decided to follow our conscience and do the right thing for our country and we will not let this country down. Despite the mockery of an election by the APC we are going ahead on the 9th June 2015 to nominate Hon. Yakubu Dogara on the floor of the House as Speaker.

They don’t understand the dynamics of an election of House leadership; this is the House of the Nigerian people, we are going ahead to nominate our aspirant who has what it takes to lead us. Dogara is stainless, and he comes with integrity similar to that of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Due to the huge amount of threat and intimidation to some of us, we have decided to write a petition to the President of the Federal Republic to intervene and call the party leaders to order. We are very confident that the President will look at the matter in a very just manner.

We are also going unveil our legislative agenda today by 8pm


Rep. Abdulmumin Jibrin (PhD.)

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