Former President Jonathan Goodluck and his favourite minister of Petroleum Diezani Alison-Madueke

Former President Jonathan Goodluck and his favourite minister of Petroleum Diezani Alison-Madueke

Pres. Jonathan-Led Federal Govt Directly Involved In Billions Of Dollars Oil Theft, Funding Boko Haram – Keyamo

Nigeria’s fiery activist lawyer, Festus Keyamo in a recent interview on ChannelsTV has directly accused the President Goodluck Jonathan-led Federal Government in the billions of dollars oil theft crises in the Niger Delta.

The national loses from oil theft rose from 10,000 barrels a day to 100,000 in loses during the past five years of the current Jonathan administration, with Nigeria becoming a world high-sea piracy capital and devastating, deadly pollution to the riverine areas of the oil-rich Niger-Delta.

An estimated 4 billion dollars is stolen annually in high sea oil theft loses/sales.

The lawyer stated that it is impossible for such big level theft operations to continue to happen with the Federal government not involved as the coastal waters are manned by the Nigerian navy and other security outfits and also the SSS and other agencies are there to expose these rackets.

A friend and ally of the President and militant leader, Government Tompolo was in 2012 awarded billions of naira contract by Jonathan for 20 navy vessels to ‘secure’ the Niger-Delta waterways.

He explained that the oil is not stolen in jerry-cans but rather in ships and barges which cannot possibly load and escape without the security operatives under the Federal government knowing about them.

Nigeria’s oil theft is at the highest level in years according to recent reports: See: Aljazeera- Nigeria oil theft at highest level in years

Attorney Keyamo accused this corruption in high places and government collaborated oil theft and economic looting to be the reason and means of funding terror plaguing the nation, Boko Haram in the north and other deadly terror devastating the nation.

He accused the government of complicity for claiming to be unable to check terror killing thousands for so long with the government claiming to be helpless in checking the crises.

He said it is impossible and denounced the Presidency for asking Nigerians to stand behind the government that has failed to check these menaces for the past six years. “Stand behind you how,” Festus Keyamo exclaimed; when there is no reciprocal action on the part of the government.

Nigerian army chief, general Azubuike Ihejirika named as sponsor of Boko Haram terrorist organisation

“Stand behind you until they kill me? When this has been happening unchecked consistently for six years and people are dying with no practical effort to stop it. And all the government does is each time repeat photocopy statements promising action, which never happens.”

Judgment of the Federal High Court in the case of Festus Keyamo Vs. President and 4 others declared army chiefs’ appointments null and void

Festus Keyamo is recognized as the attorney that got the government to sack the former army chief, General Azubuike Ihejirika accused of being a Boko Haram sponsor. Festus Keyamo took the government to court and won a judgement on the illegality of Ihejirika’s entire tenure for  his appointment not having been approved by the Nigerian Senate, necessitating the sack of the army chief this January within a court ordered two week ultimatum.

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One Comment

  1. Com. Abdulkadir Ibrahim says:

    If, I may ask some few question beneath, but not limited to:
    1. What did the North or its people do to either party (you or your kinsmen) within the political arena of Nigeria to deserve these series of socio-political brutality?
    2. What are the wrong deeds we committed against any regional clan, religious formation, tribe and/or ethnic groups in the past or present to aggressively warrants such seemingly unstoppable callous and senseless killings-relatively genocide-like upon us?
    3. Everyday, our people are massacred dying untimely like nonhumans-including innocent Children, Women and even, old ones through inhuman-like or satanic mannerism! Why?
    4. Why these incessant and wicked machinations on our land ONLY?
    5. Why these negatively progressive aggressions, political suppressions; economic destruction; and antagonistic massacre on purely Northerners and within Northern geographical hemisphere?
    6. Why the unabated killings in collaboration with either Nigerian Securities or some few insignificant neighboring evil elements within the North & still some cynical jingoist or bellicose minds claims the Northerners are against the power seat? How could that be?
    7. Why not the dastard killings and the appalling bombardments tend to engulf only the Communities and the people of the purported and presumably suspected executors, not the said targeted enemies?
    8. Why did the stealthy and suspiciously invisible criminals (as shamelessly acclaimed by the FGN agents) not going directly to attack the President and his team of reliably occult-men, or the high profile personalities within the corridor of power, the sympathizers’, or his ethnic lineage, or Communities?
    9. Why ONLY the poor innocent Northerners suffer it?
    10. Do we (North), really deserve such perennial and devilish orchestrations-that are highly susceptible to rupture and/or dissipate any possible, hopeful and meaningful living within our midst in its entirety?
    11. Why did our Children becomes the daily orgy target of openly posed friends, but ungodly working as fervent secret enemies desired to exterminate and destroy explicit mutual friends for centuries?
    12. Why did our schools-foundation for future societal growth & development- become the glaring vulnerable targets without recourse to humanity?
    13. Why did the hidden enemies within our land and/or beyond increasingly violently, even if forcefully, destroying the thriving economic preponderance proclivities of Nigeria, even though, only recurring unprecedently within Northern region?
    14. Why did the said National enemies alongside with their ungodly foreign demonic conspirators resorted to daily and continuous senseless killings & destructions of Northerners (both Christians & Muslims) and their properties,through most abhorrent and despicable heavy bombardment and massacre of hapless citizens, that seems aided and abated by either wing of Nigerian Security force, or both?
    15. Mr. President, does it means that your administration is functionally incapable of dealing with this monster ravaging our society squarely and quickly as Nigerians desired until otherwise goes out of controllable proportion? Or, this present politically-oriented leadership, but militarily-like in its intent and application can not suppress and/or out-rightly put stop to these ugly manifestations that are obviously threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria? From 2009 to 2014, some few minutes-minorities hitherto poorly equipped and motivated group of criminals daring the whole territorial integrity of Nigeria (The acclaimed Giant of Africa).
    16. Why Six years of futile security approach to arrest the situation? Are Nigerian Security Forces actually serious and all out to do the needful? Or, the inhibiting formalities and lakardestical attitude lies with the present irresponsible administration?
    17. It is widely upheld that, the essence of Government of any kind is primarily to protect thelives & properties of its citizens, even if, in constant relative violations of the power that be in place! Why not conspicuously tenable in Nigerian?
    18. Is the present Nigerian democratic system running a more-like regionally bend government, or rather, ethnically oriented system full of socio-political sentiment?
    19. Does it means that, the present administration or military-like regime vow to bring down North & Northerners, or reel their developmental hope &aspirations in all ramifications?
    20. Is leadership all about hatred, vindictiveness, malice, rancor, and/or total subjections that aim to obnoxious and glaring suppression on selected region, and their noble personalities, whilst fair and unjustified attention and favoritism upon certain quarters remain the potent point at the detriment of the former? I don’t think this unfair treatment is healthy to our nascent democracy!
    21. I am irked that our markets become unfortunately-increasingly the regular target and mostly public gatherings! Why?
    22. Why is it that, our Schools no longer safe for normal educational activities; our economy almost surreptitiously whittle down; our social system ravaged; and our political zeal and aspirations unfortunately eventually disappearing?
    23. I doubt and my heart still daunt, about the FGN innocence in these amorphous orchestrations! I continue to ask myself that is there any socio- economic, religious, tribal, ethnic, environmental, and political predicaments that is beyond government capability? Or, some problems presumably insurmountable to a serious firm leader within legally existing entity?
    24. Consequently, I did not see either sense or meaningful conception, but only primitive misconstrued of conventional scriptures, for some people to embarked on killing spree in total violation of religious, political and/or social rationality. Why should a person kill for either aforementioned purpose? This is total madness in-line with social brutality.
    25. Why should group of ill-informed youth on vociferous co-optations or mission would advertently accustomed with senseless killings of Muslims, Christians, Children & Women, destroy public means of livelihood-schools, office buildings, business places, churches, Mosques, markets, houses and many more important structures appallingly without definite end or purposeful objectives?
    26. Must somebody unlawfully eliminate or kill in order to govern? Certainly not!
    27. Must a national leader alienate certain section within his domain with unfair treatment and insidiously prevailing assault and baseless political vilifications in his quest to remain permanently in power? Myheart bleeds with horrible apprehension, because that could not solve a purpose, but truncate some reasonable and optimal settings.
    28. Why should a partly-democratically elected government desired to worrisomely employed religion into politics, simply because of personal diabolical motives? But in my view, I thought democracy is a system that encouraged due process and ‘Rule of Law’, not administration inundated with physical attributes of thuggery and bemoaned impunities?
    29. Why should a political leader, bracingly submitted himself to some few evil characterized group of jingoist who alienated him from the basic demands of the governed, while fanning ONLY the amber of discordant and social upheavals for selfish gains at the expense of the majority?
    30. Shouldn’t a leader supposedly discharge his primary responsibility with utmost regard to public reference and justice? Why is it that, our so-called leader lacks such qualities, and still operates within the limitations of niches pipeline? Isn’t that a curse upon those supporting pernicious-kind of administration probably foolishly?

    At this juncture, it is indubitably that killing, maiming, machinate destructions neither solve either societal menace, unless otherwise, under cruel ruler, nor it solves mutual dispute in tandem with harmonious co-existence.
    In essence, what we need is more of responsible leadership, transparent administration and leaders who are on the throne to serve humanity with sincerity of purpose through selfless commitments and ultimate goal.
    Please, Nigerians, lets eschew politics of rancor and mutual suspicion, antagonism and enmity or amity. We must come together in order to set a formidable future milestone for ourselves, and our future generations regardless of religious affiliations, ethnic or tribal sentiment so as to achieve our desired goal.
    Courtesy-Com. Abdul Ibrahim, email:

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