The Paradigm Relaunches After Suffering Online Attacks

The Paradigm Relaunches After Suffering Online Attacks

The Paradigm have re-launched it website after suffering series of consistent attack from hackers who tried to gain access to its servers.

One of the latest attack suffered by the site took place last week Tuesday 16th October, 2014 few hours after it published a shared content by one of its partners in New York.

Those handling our servers informed us that they “noticed a high number of requests coming to your (theparadigmng) website,” Kikiowo Ileowo, Editor of The Paradigm revealed.

The ‘Add New’ file was bombarded with millions of requests within a few moment just an hour after 12am Tuesday morning Nigerian time.

After a review of our sites traffic via the raw logs, we found out few IPs sending malicious traffic our way. The top hitting IP addresses includes but not limited to these few:,,, and among others.

However, the publisher of the site revealed this afternoon the news platform has been resolved with better improved security.

The last post on The Paradigm published on October 15, 2014 at 11:43 pm reveals who Mr. Muhktar Alexander Dan’Iyan aka MrAyeDee was.

Mr. AyeDee’s Ex-wife had warned Nigerians to beware of AyeDee, saying the man is very dangerous, among other accusations.

Read the story below to listen to the angry ex wife speak about her runaway divorced husband who has allegedly failed to pay for child services for years now.

Ayedee Exposed! Mukhtar Alexander Dan’iyan Angry Divorced Wife Liz Speaks Out

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