Soldiers in court martial

Soldiers in court martial

Though They Mutineed, Please Let Them Live!!!

By Dr. Soyombo Ayomikun, 

1.What have we sacrificed

For our military?

How has Nigeria

Mopped their bleeding wounds?

They daily

Fight our battles

How have we

Fought their battles?

Daily they die

Our very deaths

How have we

Died for them?


2.We agree

That they mutineed

They rebelled

When they should have been loyal

To their very deaths

To their very end

But then shouldn’t we ask

What suffocated their loyalty?


3.From dawn to dusk

They see their colleagues perish

In battles

Where the most equipped wins

They set out

With limited rounds of bullets

They set out

Leaving their families behind

They set out

Knowing they may never return

With their families back home

Thrown into eternal sorrows thereafter


4.Ours is a military

With beautiful hearts

Innocent Nigerians

Who have chosen to perish

They get no gold

Nor boxes of rubies

For their selfless acts

For their bravery in the face of terror

We see the guns they carry

Barrels that should have been buried

We demand more honour for them

We demand glory for our military


5.We don’t want a military

Where soldiers have to buy boots with their money

A military

Where soldiers have to pay for uniforms

A military

Where night-vision goggles  are a luxury

A military

Where families have no succour


6.Rather,we want a military

Where our men would be treated as royals

Uniforms gayly dorned

Berets standing as crowns on their heads

Boots shining with pride

All given out free

We want a military

Graced with sparkling barrels

That may keep shelling forever

As they guard our walls

We want a military

Where families will never be forgotten

A military

That will be our pride forever


7.For the 12

Already convicted to die

Indeed there are codes of conduct

They have flouted

But death

Should not be our answer

Who obeys to the last order

When his/her back is not covered?

Who sacrifices all

When there’s no assurance of a reward?


8.For the 12

Already convicted to die

We ask

That their lives be spared

The root is our problem at the moment

Not the fruits

The military

Needs our love

The military

Needs our prayers

The military

Needs new guns

The military

Needs new boots

We can’t afford to have a military

That sleeps on empty stomachs

We can’t afford to have a military

That embarks on missions with crooked tools


We’ll have more mutinees

And more convictions

And more deaths

With our walls being continually compromised

And what more

Can herald the downfall of a nation?


Soyombo Ayomikun tweets from @alabaster85


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  1. Yusufu Abdullahi says:

    That is the hazard of the work in the Army. What if the General was killed when the mutiny took place? What would you have done to prevent future occurrence? Remember the Peace Keeping Troop charged in Akure with mutiny and sentence similarly. They were charged and sentenced because they demand their allowances while these open fire to the Commanding Officer and some of his Security Details injured in the process of rescuing the Commander.

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