The Nigeria We Buried!

The Nigeria We Buried!

We had no Xbox

The rich saw cable news

We watched ‘Premiership’ on newspapers

But we were happy


DVD players were a luxury

We worshipped the video cassette players

Once power goes the cassette gets stuck in

Generators were quiet expensive


We communicated through hand-written letters

Still we rarely misunderstood ourselves

Mobile phones were a miracle

A miracle our hearts never could imagine


There were no ATMs

You could wait a month to receive money sent to you

But that didn’t cause us to die of hunger

That didn’t turn us into robbers


Browsing was a strange terminology

Far flung from our dictionaries

‘Blogging’ would have gone for a strange tongue

To be blurted out by whoever is experiencing the ‘Pentecost miracle’


There were few ‘yahoo boys’

And fewer still ‘yahoo girls’

With our bowls of ‘eba’ we swallowed contentment

Our soup devoid of meat


We played table-soccer

With bottle covers of soft drinks

We even tagged our players with numbers

Numbers excised off both old and new calendars


The girls amongst us did ‘jerry’

They maintained a plausible beauty

‘Brazilian hair,’ for them,held no sway

Their kinky hair was our defintion of heaven


With mud we built castles

As we played beneath the moon

When it’s christmas we all munch fried chicken

The best moment of the year




We didn’t know what IEDs meant

Nobody kidnaps innocent girls

Although not then a stable nation

We enjoyed relative calm


Then the breeze of hate

Lifting the veils off our eyes

Table soccer became meaningless

A boy of 15years began craving Buggati


Everyone desired to sparkle

With the blings of undeserved money

We became a generation so wild

With our passion for knowledge fizzling away


Now because of hunger

Nigerians go about screaming ‘the Lord has called me’

They open cubicles where deceit is shared

In the name of a church


Now it seems like a myth

That a Nigerian,once upon a time,got the Nobel awards

Wickedness is fast draining our ingenuity

Leaders & followers now gambol about without purpose


Politics became the leeway

Souls without dreams battled for the throne

All because of money & terminal power

They got us really dragged in the mud


How fast we are forgetting

The beauty we once were

The sweetness we enjoyed despite having little

The Nigeria that once was


The Nigeria we buried

Brought us happiness and love

Now may be the time to go exhume her

Before she rots beyond redemption


The Nigeria we buried

Is right inside us all

She’s screaming for liberation again

Like the Chibok girls still in chains


Soyombo Ayomikun tweets from @alabaster85

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