War Crimes: Watch The Full Video Of Channel 4’s #NigeriaHiddenWar (DISTURBING VIDEO)

War Crimes: Watch The Full Video Of Channel 4’s #NigeriaHiddenWar (DISTURBING VIDEO)

A video documentary of UK’s channel 4 has shown the alleged  multiple war crimes committed by the Nigerian Army and their Civilian JTF counterpart. In the one hour video, Channel 4’s reporter spoke to several credible sources and witness, analysed at least 120 videos of the crimes by soldiers it claimed belonged to the Nigerian Army.

In one of the videos, the Army and civilian JTF in one of its several joint operations were seen rounding up passers-by in their villages and then accuse them of being Boko Haram terrorists before slaughtering them.

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The Nigerian Military has claimed several that its soldiers are professional and are not involved in extra-judicial killings or war crimes, but it during the week promise to investigate the allegations in the video.

We must however warn that the content of the video are very disturbing.

Watch the video below:

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