Civilian JTF Arrest Fleeing Boko Haram Members In Maiduguri

Civilian JTF Arrest Fleeing Boko Haram Members In Maiduguri

The civilian JTF in Maiduguri, Borno state have arrested at least five members of the dreaded Boko Haram terrorist sect.

The insurgents were arrested after attempting to board vehicles at the Kano motor park (Tashan Kano).

“We arrested five  boko haram suspects yesterday at Tashan Kano. I think 4 were killed and one of them who is alive is giving the soldiers information. We have stationed our boys at Tashan Journey and all the local spots where vehicles pick passengers, even along the roads and we have been succeeding,” Mamman said.

According to him, since the Boko Haram attacked Damboa and displaced the people, it is obvious that war is imminent and some of them who don’t want to be caught up are seriously leaving the area.

He said, most of them who were arrested in Maiduguri and environs were all heading to the south west. “Almost all of them said, their destination was Lagos when we arrest them.”

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