Edo Lawmakers In Free For All Fight

Edo Lawmakers In Free For All Fight

It was a free for all fight at the Edo State House of Assembly on Monday as lawmakers seated in the chambers resorted to physical combat in a bid to enforce the suspension of their colleagues.

Trouble began when the court bailiff served contempt proceedings on the four lawmakers while they sat with their other colleagues outside the Edo State House of Assembly.

Calling each other unprintable names when both factions arrived the House for sitting on Monday morning, they insisted they were going in despite the suspension and injunction from the courts.

However, one of the suspended lawmakers, Friday Ogieriakhi, insisted that the process was an abuse of court process because “there is a valid appeal against that order; there is an application to state the enforcement of the order and an application to set aside the order.

“All of these processes have not been taken and you are bringing Form 48…this is an abuse of court process”, he said.

He further noted that “until you deal with all the court processes, you cannot be talking about form 48″, he added, “nobody is in disobedience here.”

The trouble is said to have started when some suspended members of the house insisted on taking part in proceedings.

This move was rejected by their colleagues who fought them off and as such a skirmish resulted.

One man is heard saying “who wan shoot me make he shoot me” in the video. Watch it below:


Credit: Channels TV

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