Graphic Video: Group Identify Soldiers And Civilian JTF Slaughtering Boko Haram Members (Watch)

Graphic Video: Group Identify Soldiers And Civilian JTF Slaughtering Boko Haram Members (Watch)

By The Paradigm

ENDS says it has identified members of the Nigerian military and civilian JTF members seen in a video published on Friday by The Paradigm.

In a statement sent to The Paradigm by the Group’s convener, Dr. Peregrino Brimah, he identified one of the Civilian JTF wearing a white shirt who goes by the name ‘Dogo’, called upon by a soldier to come and slaughter the second terrorists shown in the video.

The statement reads: “we received shocking video of soldiers in Nigeria’s northeast, along with Civilian-JTF slaughtering arrested Boko Haram suspects in a summarily execution. We believe these terrorists were caught in the act of terror. The tall individual who comes to slaughter a terrorist goes by the name, ‘Dogo,’ and is a Civilian-JTF member our sources are very familiar with. 

“We refuse to make a judgment on this video because it is not our calling. We however do understand the perplexities of the asymmetrical war and the complications of the Nigerian security department in terms of transporting, accommodating and processing justice for terrorists; who almost always end up escaping.

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“We do hope and believe that the Nigerian soldiers have been instructed on and authorized to carry out expedient on field trials as this is certainly necessary in this perplexing war with Boko Haram barbarians.

“The video which takes a lot of stomach to watch, prompts some serious questions: What has happened? What is happening? What should be happening (to us people) and what will happen tomorrow, after and if it still happens to be with Boko Haram? Things will never be the same again, most especially in Nigeria’s affected north.

“May the Almighty have mercy on us and guide and deliver us.​

Dr. Peregrino Brimah for [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: Twitter: @EveryNigerian

Watch the Horrific video below;

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  1. One word sums this action up…. barbaric!, Hello! it’s the 21st century not the 13th century, these aren’t Soilders they are scum bag criminals with physcotic tendencies,they are muderers, they lack self control and are a big disappointment to the Government and citizens of Nigeria, as for the civilian JTF it’s simple……. they are only in it for their own means not for glory I wonder which idiot allowed their formation, Nigerians wake up! Three fundamental rules/words intelegence, integrity interception, take it from me 26 years service in the British Security services half of my trade was taught to me growing up on the streets of Lagos, if I had my way or say in the matter, every member of the Nigerian Army and civilian JTF that was present at this atrocity would get the death penalty for crimes against humanity they are and always will be bastards and sons of whores period however I don’t condone the actions of Boko Haram they are Barbaric and sub humanoids too two wrongs never make a Right do they? the soilders of the Nigerian army should know better.

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