“The Gumi Genocide Images”- The True Story

“The Gumi Genocide Images”- The True Story

You might have seen some images purported to be genocide in Borno state, apparently published by BluePrint magazine and shared by outspoken Boko Haram critic, Sheikh Gumi on his facebook page. We will like to verify that indeed this event did take place according to our investigations, but it needs better elaboration. Firstly it must be clearly stated that the act of children being summarily executed is abhored and without defense. Secondly, execution of captured suspects must always be preceeded by trials.

The images being spread are from the Giwa barracks escape event of March this year. These were the captured escaping suspects. The executions did happen as a joint action of the Civilian-JTF and army after they apprehended the escapees. This event and images are general knowledge and have been raised by human rights organizations and have been widely condemned as crimes against humanity.
Over 200 Boko Haram suspects and suspected escapees were executed in Jiddari Polo and about 600 in Mairi ward in this fashion after that prison break.
It must be clarified that these are not Almajiri’s gathered from the streets of Borno.
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Nigerian Troops Not Involved, Says DHQ

The Defence Headquarters (DHQ) has said it found the latest allegation of genocide against the Nigerian military by a Kaduna based cleric as not only diversionary but unfortunate.

A statement by Defence Spokesman,Major General Chris Olukolade said “The DHQ wishes to unequivocally dissociate the Nigerian military from any involvement in the alleged genocide as depicted in the graphic pictures which appeared in the front page of Blueprint newspapers of 22 May 2014 edition entitled, “Alleged Killing field in Borno”.

“While the military will continue to respect freedom of expression of Nigerians, it will not submit to desperate blackmail and propaganda aimed at diverting attention and pitching public opinion against the armed forces. Although the real motive of the report and presentation with the apparent intention to impute military complicity in the event depicted in the pictures is yet to unfold, the DHQ sees this allegation as the manifestation of yet another grand design to tarnish and denigrate the image of Nigerian Armed Forces.

Olukolade said the Nigerian military remains a professional force whose operations is guided by high standard of professional ethics and will not be party to such dastardly act. At no time or event in the course of the counter-insurgency operation ,he said ,have the troops embarked on the extra-judicial killing of civilians as exhibited in the gory pictures.

“The location and occasion where the events captured in the pictures were taken is unknown and has no bearing whatsoever as insinuated in the report by the Blueprint newspaper. The individual holding stick which the paper mischievously described as “a soldier stand(ing) guard…” is certainly not a Nigerian soldier neither is any of those captured in the pictures.

“The media are once again advised not to make themselves available to those who are desperate to tarnish the good name of the Nigerian Armed Forces”Olukolade said.


See images of the alleged genocide below:

Borno Genocide image Gumi Borno Genocide Image_2 Gumi Borno Genocide images_2 Borno Genocide image_2

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  1. Were these boys tried by competent court and found guilty for execution?

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