Oby Ezekwesili

Oby Ezekwesili

We Will Remember Obyezeks

By Dr. Soyombo Ayomikun

Written not to sing the praises of any individual, my latest piece attempts at encouraging Obyezeks & millions of Nigerians who have stood their ground in the battle against terrorism.

1.She owes us nothing

   Not even a single dime

   She could have embraced comfort

   A peaceful life behind cozy walls

   But now daily I see her on the streets

   Shouting ‘Bring Back Our Girls!’

2.She could have been a mother

   Just to the souls that passed through her womb

   Daily preparing oat & milk

   To nourish her blooming family

   But something in her wouldn’t let her rest

   Whatever it is,we are glad it’s there

3.We will remember her spectacles

   Her eyes laden with compassion & purpose

   We will remember her voice

   Conveying messages from a soul sold out to sacrifice

   We will remember the megaphone

   Which she carries as she cries ‘Bring Back Our Girls!’

4.They may tag me as being part of the ‘opposition’

   For writing about a rare spirit

   Who has chosen to be bled for all

   On the rugged altar of sacrifice

   Seeing her struggle brings me close to tears

   How she inspires everyone beneath the green & white flags

5.To mama Obyezeks

   And several women who have chosen to stand

   As you bleed Nigeria sees all

   As you labour beneath the clouds so dark

   Your courage strengthens our souls

   Your zeal heals our hearts

6.Now,it is too late to give up

   It is too late to watch our hopes drowned

   Having our girls back is just the beginning of victory

   A safe country for everyone is our ultimate desire

   Though tired from days of marching,crying,& pleading

   We’ll rather die fighting on our feet than live on our knees

7.Chibok won’t forget

   The beautiful heart that was mother to their wives

   The kidnapped girls won’t forget

   The embrace of ‘Madam due process’ which they’ll get on their return

   Nigeria won’t forget

   Obyezeks,a voice for the weak & hurting

N.B. : Last line of stanza 6 is culled from the movie ‘300: Rise Of An Empire.’

Soyombo Ayomikun tweets from @alabaster85

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