Boko Haram Will Kill Me If I Go To Sambisa Forest – Pres. Jonathan

Boko Haram Will Kill Me If I Go To Sambisa Forest – Pres. Jonathan

By The Paradigm

During a live Presidential Media Chat organised for President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday, he gave an hint as to why his government would never dare to storm the Sambisa forest, a notorious Boko Haram enclave in Borno state where 234 abducted Chibok girls are said to be kept.

Mr Jonathan gave a hint into his reason for not visiting his country men and women in places that has been ravaged by the Boko Haram sect.

Report claims Jonathan tried to explain why no one in his government has dared to go to Sambisa Forest like he visited the creeks during the reign of Niger Delta militants saying, “If I go there or send any of my ministers they will just kill you.”

Aside making this assertion, President Jonathan also defended the pardoned Niger Delta militants (terrorist), saying they cannot be compared to the Boko Haram terrorist.

While speaking about the differences between the Boko Haram Islamic sect and Niger Delta militants, the President said: “The Niger Delta militants are not terrorists, they have a reason for their agitations.”

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