The Mad man

The Mad man

Fake Lunatic Caught With 25 Fresh Human Tongues Under Ibadan Bridge (Photos)

By The Paradigm

A fake lunatic has been caught at the Oni and Son bus stop area of Ring Road Ibadan with twenty five fresh human tongues dripping with blood.

The  middle aged man, suspected to be ritualist, was arrested by the Oyo State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in Ibadan. It seemed to be a routine arrest at the time.

The suspected ritualist had been pretending to be a lunatic at the ring road, in Ibadan, Oyo State over the past three years.

The Oni and Son bus stop where he resides is a popular junction for commuters where beggars can be found pleading for alms.

On this day, luck ran out for the lunatic. One resident of the area discovered blood was dripping noticeably from a black nylon bag he held.

The trader, who had been monitoring his movement for close to thirty minutes this day, raised the alarm and demanded a search of the bag belonging to the man many called ‘the lunatic.’ What was found inside was shocking, and disturbing.

Upon searching the fake lunatic, twenty-five human tongues were found in the black nylon he held in his hand. There were screams of horror from at least a half dozen people present.

According to sources who witnessed the ugly incident, some of the tongues inside the bag were still very much fresh, as they were soaked with blood in the dripping bag.

It took the combined efforts of policemen, and gallant officers of the NSCDC to make an arrest. He was whisked away as a large crowd watched, and the crowd had grown into an angry mob that was about to unleash their anger upon him as word spread about the gruesome discovery.

Also various and many campaign posters with the inscription and picture of a labour party Aspirant bearing Comrade Olu Abiala were part of items found under the bridge where he kept his loot, including dangerous weapons such as a dagger.

Mostly ladies clothes, bracelets, including a bra, and underwear of different sizes, were found in the loads of the purported Mad-man. This is an indication that revealed that most of his victim should have been women especially young ladies, police speculate.

A NSCDC officer had earlier told SaharaReporters that some human bones, and fresh human parts, were sighted under the bridge were the lunatic always slept at night.

“They would have killed him because the people were really mad, and angry at the man, but with the intervention of our officers and policemen…, he was speared,” a NSCDC officer told SaharaReporters.

The arrested lunatic is said to be cooling his head presently at the Oyo State Command of the Nigeria Police Force, in Oluyole Division.

See the human tongues caught with him below: 

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