Passenger Plane Catches Fire In Abuja Airport

Passenger Plane Catches Fire In Abuja Airport

A near disaster in the aviation industry was on Friday averted as a passenger plane, Overland Airline had a near blow up as one of the the engines caught fire just before take off.

Narrating the incident, the passengers who reportedly jumped out of the aircraft said they saw “thick flame” in the engine compartment and the air hostess shouted that we should all come out. The door wouldn’t open on time until the captain assisted.

The passengers first had to sit down on the grass but were later conveyed from the tarmac in a bus. In the course of the confusion, Rtd Gen Jinadu was pushed down and he fell flat. Street Journal also found out that the flight could have taken off but for a passenger who caused a delay by insisting on sighting her luggage.

Officials of Overland Air could not be reached for comments as of the time of filing the report.

Some of the passengers had to be taken to the airforce base for first aid.

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