Cancer: For The Fallen Heroes,The Fighting Legends…For All !

Cancer: For The Fallen Heroes,The Fighting Legends…For All !

By Dr. Soyombo Ayomikun

As the world marks the World Cancer Day, I felt the need to reiterate the little habits that will help us curb great sorrows, the power of routine clinic checks.


He looked into my eyes

A penetrating gaze consumed by pains

“Doctor,don’t leave me

Doctor,help me end this pain”

His screams charged the atmosphere with darkness

Tightly he held on to my hands

I knew the battle had long been lost

Defeated I left his side as he became quiet in death


She was a beautiful mother

Religiously a lover of God

Then her cervix began leaking blood

On a fateful ‘God-forsaken’ day

The battle for her life began when she presented

As the disease was already running a marathon in her blood

Before dying she could recognize no one

Not even herself


Oh! I remember that other woman

Mama was a bundle of sweet joyous energy

Till the cough began

Till she started bringing out blood from her lungs

Cancer had been plundering her airway

Growing quietly into the stature of a warrior

As she sucked on oxygen she smiled as a baby

Another vibrant soul snatched away by a wicked disease


Not every headache is malaria

All vomiting does not indicate pregnancy

Not all yellowness of the eyes is a joke

Not every blood in your stool is ‘jedijedi’

Not all lumps in your breast are made of fat

Not all swelling of your face shows well-being

To enjoy life’s sweetness more discerning is needed

To escape a flood of avoidable sorrows


What more deals us greater blows if not cancer

Still years of search gives no useful answer

From the parents stealing the child bringing a cloud of pains

The old hammering into hades  denying them of life’s gains

Seeking the monster that destroys without a seed of guilt

The destroyer of life with a sword needing no hilt

To what else can we attribute these mournful praises

But the accursed disease cancer




Under its spell dreams are swallowed in grief

Drawing no dividing line between the noble and the thief

Slowly & with a devilish dexterity life’s fibres apart it tears

From the faces of all watching drawing torrents of tears

Who will arise bringing an end to this show of hate

Saving the young and old that they may live to enjoy one more blind-date

Perhaps we are the ones to fight for our lives

From the wicked fist of the terminal killer


Rather than waste our treasures on war

Fueling the hate and bitterness in our hearts’ core

Together we can win this monster wearing an invicible garment

Saving generations from a lifetime of torment

Show me that puzzle to which life has got no answer

The fire that can’t be quenched even if started by cancer

Show me the disease that can submerge our souls

If united we fight back as a glorious army


Visit your clinics for regular checks

Even when feeling strong like the greek god,Atlas

Embrace little advice on diets & lifestyle

Habits that will place you on Methuselah’s long path

Make doctors your friend

Tell them when you sneeze

I pray you & yours be kept safe

From the heavy mallet of cancer


Soyombo tweets from @alabaster85

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