Reports: Genevieve Moves In With D’banj, Is He Proposing In 2014 or Tonight?

Reports: Genevieve Moves In With D’banj, Is He Proposing In 2014 or Tonight?

If the News flying online that the Kokomaster D’banj and Nollywood screen goddess Genevieve Nnaji are back together in a love relationship is something to take serious,  feelers has it that Mr. Kokomaster, Dapo Oyebanje D’banj will be proposing to his Girlfriend Genevieve Nnaji tonight (31st December 2013).

Blogger Linda Ikeji is reporting that as you read this Genevieve is all comfy in the ‘Oliver Twist’ hit maker Lekki home and are talking marriage.

In 2011, after months of denial from both sides, it was eventually determined that D’banj and Genevieve had been in a secret relationship since 2009. It was wonderful news and just as everyone celebrated it, Genny dropped the bomb, she called off the relationship in March, leaving the kokomaster alongside millions of their fans heart-broken.

D’banj had gone on to repeatedly make it clear in published interviews that he is still bonkers for Genevieve. He never really got over her.

This is where skeptics come in. Genny had called off the relationship following alleged commitment issues from D’banj…

He had a career spiraling to the skies and needed to be away a lot, hence the alleged reluctance to settle down, ‘what makes it different this time?’ they ask.

But D’banj and Genevieve have the backing of fans. If this story is true, everyone hopes (prays) things work out for them this time.

Both of them campaigned for Nigerian President Goodluck Ebeke Jonathan in last Presidential election. While Genevieve led many Nollywood Stars in the ‘I’m Goodluck Jonathan’ movie trailer which they never showed as promised, Dbanj did live interview with President Goodluck Jonathan where he analysed his campaign promises to Nigerians. Dbanj who was named ‘Youth Ambassador’ by President Jonathan represented Nigerian Youths.

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