EXPOSED: The Massive Real Estate Of Pres. Jonathan And Wife In Bayelsa (WATCH VIDEO)

EXPOSED: The Massive Real Estate Of Pres. Jonathan And Wife In Bayelsa (WATCH VIDEO)

Watch, a video showing the massive estates of President Jonathan and his wife.

In this video, you will see a billion Naira hotel belonging to Nigeria’s first lady Patience Jonathan under construction in Bayelsa State.

Lying next to it is an elephant project that could not be completed since tenure of corrupt former governor of the State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha.

President Goodluck Jonathan while he was governor of Bayelsa State took over the project but also did not finish it. The first lady’s new hotel is only few months away from completion and almost ready for business.

Also in Otueke the family compound of the Jonathans is being fully guarded by military men.


Video Courtesy of Sahara Reporters.

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  1. Ephraim Okorie says:

    I do not know those who are doing the exposition, i am happy for you but please do a nice job by not doing it one sided but expose all past leaders who should be exposed for corruptions, looting or illegal real estate acquisition.Nigerians will appreciate if corruption is fought without any bias against any body,religion, region or ethnicity.If Baba, Okoro,and Malam are bad, do not expose Okoro and leave the rest.Your honesty would be seen by all Nigerians when you start exposing from your side to all parts of the country.Charity begins at home.We cannot win the war against corruption and indiscipline with bias mind and politics.Let us be on the side of the federal government led by President Buhari and fight corruption and indiscipline any where we are.

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