#7YearsInJail Bill: Sen. Sefiu Kaka Apologizes, Promise To Expunge Controversial Clause

#7YearsInJail Bill: Sen. Sefiu Kaka Apologizes, Promise To Expunge Controversial Clause

Sen. Sefiu Kaka (APC, Ogun East) has apologized over the controversial clause in the Computer Hacking, Anti-419 bill that have failed to pass the second reading on the floor of the Nigerian Senate.

The bill sponsored by Sen. Adegbenga Kaka (ACN-Ogun state) and 31 other senators, was read at the Senate chamber for the second time. However, the bill did not scale the second reading because the lead sponsor did not include the financial implication in accordance with Order 77, Rule 3 of the Senate Standing Orders 2011 (as amended).

The Paradigm had reported Sen. Sefiu as the sponsor of the bill.

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Senator Kaka representing Ogun East Senatorial district elected under the platform of the All Progressive Congress reportedly lobbied his colleagues in the Senate to hurriedly pass the bill into law, a Peoples Democratic Party Senator told The Paradigm.

The Senator said they were shocked to their bone marrow when Senator Kaka began to lobby them to hurriedly pass the bill into law. When asked why they were shocked, he noted; “between us in PDP and his party, who have you guys helped more? Who have you critics and journalists defended and attacked more? We are at the receiving end of you press men in the media while you paint them as angels. Ordinarily, we should be the one sponsoring such bill, not APC”, he told our reporter.

The Senator as however taken to facebook to apologize about his oversight.

See his apology below:

“Be rest I assured of my taking responsibility for the oversight in expunging or moderating the S.13(3) at the draft stages. This will be done soonest. Thanks for your concern again. Gbenga Kaka.”
Sefui Kaka
The senator also took time yesterday to explain the entire scenario to people, read his press release below:

Yesterday, Tuesday, 3rd December, 2013 at the National Assembly; the Joint Senate Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and legal matters, Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes had the honour and privilege of successfully organizing the Public Hearing on my sponsored bill titled:

“The Bill for an Act to Provide for Prohibition and Punishment for Electronic Fraud and Electronic Transfer of Funds in Nigeria And Other Related Matters 2013”, in co-sponsorship with other 31 Senators; awaiting Third Reading.

“The provisions in the bill are proposals to ensure the cyber space is positively utilised for the economic and social development and growth of the nation. The public sitting by the Senate Joint committee is to elicit comments, contributions, criticism, and discussions such as on-going; to moderate and further enrich the bill before further processing.

“More memoranda for deletion, addition and/or modification to clauses from all stakeholders are still welcome. It is an individual bill with clear intent to ‘provide for the prohibition and punishment for all electronic transactions fraud and electronic funds transfer crimes in Nigeria and other related matters’.

“Therefore any unacceptable clause(s) in the proposed bill shall be expunged, re-worded, or replaced to make the bill acceptable to the generality of Nigerians. More comments and suggestions from all stakeholders please and thanking the media for bringing to the front burner clauses likely to offend the sensibilities of the people the law, if eventually passed, will be serving.”

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