Video: Watch Topless Kim Kardashian Straddle Fiance, Kanye In Bound 2 (Photos Too)

Video: Watch Topless Kim Kardashian Straddle Fiance, Kanye In Bound 2 (Photos Too)

Kim Kardashian reveals her post-baby body as she rides raunchily on a bike with fiance Kanye West in the video for his new song Bound 2 which he released on the Ellen Show.

Fans were promised a ‘sexy’ appearance by Kim Kardashian in Kanye West’s new music video.

But even those intimately acquainted with the work of the provocative rapper couldn’t have been prepared for the crudely titillating ride that is Bound 2.

West, 36, smashes through all boundaries of taste and decency with the four minute film that depicts him writhing with the mother-of-his-child, 33, on his motorbike against a desert backdrop before the pair simulate sex.

Any well-wishers hoping that the birth of the couple’s baby daughter this June might have prompted the enfant terrible of hip hop to draw a line in the sand when it comes to gratuitous content will be sorely disappointed.

But as vulgar as the video is; at least Kim and Kanye are coupled together in a traditional twosome as the lyrics of the song that accompanies this astonishingly tawdry display of affection hint at a lust for threesomes, casual sex and a relationship that does well to last mere months.

He even describes a sex act in graphic and depressingly mundane detail.

After the video was revealed, Twitter immediately blew up with a collective wail of disgust as fans rushed to brand the display cringeworthy and vomit inducing.

But some commentators also noted how awkward the besotted pair seem in the film (which was shot against a green screen – another bone of contention).

Never the feminist, Kim’s blank mannequin face and lack of involvement in the piece other than as a wordless object of lust hasn’t won her any more female fans.

She did show off the results of her 50lbs weight loss since the birth of Nori, as she reclined on the bike alone at the beginning, wearing just tight trousers a pair of high heeled boots.

The video opens with an eagle and some galloping horses before Kanye appears alone on screen.


It then cuts to him simulating riding a motorcycle in Utah’s Monument Valley before viewers are treated to the first glimpse of Kim.

The mountains of Yosemite also feature although those watching can be forgiven for paying more attention to Kim and Kanye’s raunchy performance than the scenery.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, who dyed her hair blonde after giving birth to North, shows exactly what attracted Kanye to her as she writhes around on a motorcycle.

Although she is bathed in shadows, it is obvious that she is naked apart from skintight trousers and high heeled boots.

Viewers are also treated to numerous close ups of Kim’s face as she pouts into the camera.

The video cuts between Kanye rapping, wearing black trousers and a plaid shirt, and riding the motorcycle in a tie dyed T-shirt with Kim either behind him, with her arms around his waist or straddling him.

There are numerous close-ups of her breasts, bathed in shadow, as Kim lays back on the bike with Kanye in front of her.

She also showers him with kisses before the pair start making out.

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