Chris Ngige

Chris Ngige

Anambra Election: Professor Pat Utomi Endorses Chris Ngige, Told Ubah To Relax For Him

The electoral fortunes of Dr. Chris Ngige (OON), the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Saturday’s Anambra State Governorship Election has received a major boost with his endorsement by renowned social critic and former presidential aspirant, Prof. Pat Utomi. Utomi said that Ngige was the ideal candidate to take Anambra State to its desired height, adding that while Obiano cannot be considered an Igbo leader, Ubah should give Ngige a chance to fix Anambra State.

“The Anambra gubernatorial race comes to a head soon,” Utomi wrote on his Facebook page. “Nothing is more distressing than how that process lowers the esteem of the Igbo nation at a time when Ndigbo need serious leadership as Nigeria rethinks its essence.”

He said that “it is also redemption time after so many aspirations on the Njepu ‘emigration’ dispersal of Ndigbo when leadership is so needed to make up for the tragic performance of South East Governors in the recent past.”

Taking a swipe at the APGA leadership led by Governor Peter Obi and Chief Victor Umeh for their choice of governorship candidate, Utomi said: “I feel so bad therefore that APGA leaders could not take a long term view of what should be the best interest of all rather than what must be behind the atrocious choice of candidate. I am more pained because these APGA leaders are my friends and should know better.”

Explaining his opposition to the choice of Obiano as the APGA candidate, Utomi said: “I have been at the table on every issue concerning Ndigbo of any importance in the last 40 years. Some of the major Igbo groups first met in my living room. At none of those could APGA’s candidate (Obiano) be remotely considered a leader.”

He said the choice of an unpopular candidate by APGA has left the field wide open for a two-pronged race between Ngige and Ubah as the front-runners. His words: “What has happened is that the race has been reduced to Chris Ngige and Ifeanyi Ubah. I wish I could have got them both to come to my house, as they both did last year to talk about how Ifeanyi’s passion for his people should hold Chris (Ngige) accountable to do a good job before the younger man goes forward.”

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