Golden Eaglets in Action

Golden Eaglets in Action

Echoes From Abu Dhabi; Yes! A Tribute To The Nigerian Golden Eaglet



As the FIFA tune played I smiled

With honour & dignity as one just crowned

To the loud shouts of ‘YES!’ I danced

Rhythms pouring forth from young souls ablaze

Youths locked out of their Ivory towers back home

Telling the world that ‘YES! WE CAN’


The world stood to honour us

I even saw a placard shouting Ghana’s support

All because of spirits believing in a cause

That the Niger Area can’t just be forgotten yet

They refused to parade with guns as robbers

With sweat and determination they dragged honour our way


With each goal scored they raised their hands

Shooting to the skies sending a message to the world

That Nigeria belongs high up where the eagles dine

That we are not useless spirits without lofty dreams

Though with their education being suffocated by corruption

Still they screamed ‘Yes!’ to their dreams


Yes! We can still rule the world again

From the stuffy classrooms to the greeny pitches

We’ve got visions & great great passion

To rewrite our story that this nation may be crowned

Please help re-echoe our cries throughout the globe

That Yes! ,We are the best youths the world has got


May our universities be opened again

For our rare brains to stay alive

May more boots and the round leathers be released to our academies

We are ready to shed sweat and blood for this land

From the hills of Idanre to the corridors of the Aso rock

May all hear our voices screaming ‘YES! WE CAN’


Tribute to the Golden Eaglets,and the Nigerian Youths;YES!


Composed by Dr Soyombo Ayomikun

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