Anambra Stampede: CAN Indicts APGA, Bars Politicians From Church, Ngige Suspends Campaign

Anambra Stampede: CAN Indicts APGA, Bars Politicians From Church, Ngige Suspends Campaign

Following the stampede that happened after a church program  in adoration ground in Uke community Of Anambra state where Gov of Anambra Peter Obi and his APGA had gone to campaign for APGA candidate Willie Obiano, the Christian Association of Nigeria,  South-East chapter has banned politicians from campaigning in their churches. 
The stampede which killed over 20 people, had Peter Obi, APGA National Chairman Victor Umeh, APGA Gubernatorial candidate Willie Obiano and other APGA’s team wore APGA regalia and read manifesto to church members. 
In a statement released by the association,  they berates politicians from turning the prayer ground to campaign field. 
The statement reads:
“It is my own duty as CAN chairman South-east to ban all politicians from attending our churches with their political teams for campaigns. The church should also steer clear of partisan politics because there are different kinds of people in the church that belong to different political parties.
“So it’s wrong to come into the church and begin to talk about manifestos and begin to campaign. It is not going to be acceptable any more because it causes commotion and disrespect to one another.
“We appeal to priests, pastors, bishops, clergymen to please avoid politicians coming to use churches as campaign arena. This does not augur well for our spiritual growth.
“They should be very clear on who they want to rule the state and the wish of God should be upheld. So we hereby appeal to politicians to stay clear of our churches so that peace can reign and the people given allowance to vote candidates of their choice”.
Meanwhile,  the candidate of All Progressive Congress (APC) Chris Ngige has suspended his campaign to honour victims of Uke stampede in the state forthwith.
Also in line with the mourning proclaimed by the party in honour of those that lost their lives in the tragedy, the APC flag has been flying at half mast since Sunday when the suspension of campaigns by Ngige began.
Briefing newsmen yesterday at the Sen. Chris Ngige campaign office, the Director General, Chief George Muoghalu said the organization was making a passionate appeal and at the same time challenging all the credible human rights groups both within and outside Nigeria to investigate the Adoration tragedy and come out with full report that should not be swept under any carpet.
Muoghalu expressed the dissatisfaction of his group with the panel inquiry which Governor Peter Obi said he would set up to
investigate the incident, for the simple reason that APGA was an interested party.
Speaking on the tragedy and accusations of Obi and APGA, he described as false the claim by Governor Obi and APGA that Ngige was at the Adoration ground a day before, stating that Ngige visited the place last sometime in June or July when he went specifically to pray.
The statement of the campaign organization which he read states in parts, “It is rather unfortunate that the State Governor and APGA factional National Chairman chose to play politics with such a national tragedy in which they were both principal actors.
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