13hrs With ASUU Cost Of Ineptitude Leadership By Seun Ogunjide

13hrs With ASUU Cost Of Ineptitude Leadership By Seun Ogunjide

Some people are praising and celebrating Mr. President saying that GEJ spent 13 Hours talking and negotiating With ASUU, how nice of Him.

The question is what is so special about that?

Do you know that the president doesn’t have to spend a minute with ASUU, if the right thing had been done. WHAT IS THE RIGHT THING?

Implement the agreement that the Government, willingly entered into with ASUU in the year 2009.

Some are saying the money ASUU is asking for is too much. May I inform you that the N92b is an arrears owning ASUU by Government. Since 2009.

I tell you if the Government had followed the planed trend in the agreement i.e gradually pumping of funds into the educational sector since 2009, Our educational sector would have been better for it by now, the Government will not be owing ASUU, ASUU will not be on strike and there won’t be needMfor needless 13 hours meeting.


Are you aware that Former Borno State Governor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, has just acquired a new Gulf stream jet G650 model worth about $72m (N11.5bn)?

Are you aware the 43 years old TOMPOLO ex-Militant from N/D bought LearJet 60SE produced by Canadian aerospace company Bombardier? The Jet according to aviation sources cost a whopping sum of $13.3 million (N2.12 billion).

Have you forgotten so soon the alleged Procurement of two armoured BMW cars bought by an agency under aviation ministry which  cost N225m for the aviation MINISTER and so on.

If a former Gov. Can buy a Jet for N11.5B, what about the present Governors? At least each of them will have a private Jet and an helicopter with Private Jet numbering about 10 in Nigeria’s Presidential fleet.

I don’t want to go into calculations. Later dem go tell us no money to pay ASUU..

Who is deceiving who?

If within 72 hours(As ASUU doesn’t come up with a statement that the strike is called off, then what’s next?

I’m Neither in support of ASUU Nor FG. I’m just saying the fact and my own interest is with Nigerian students, for the strike to be calledoff.

Whether the outcome favours government or ASUU Nigerians let’s wake Up?

We have been praying and talking, the time to act is now, Let’s hold our leaders accountable.

Success P(Seun Paul O)

Seun Ogunjide is the a student from Distant Learning Institute of UNILAG and PRO Concern Students

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