"It Is A Good Thing To Have Private Companies Take Over PHCN" – Oritsejafor

By The Paradigm

Jet-flying pastor and controversial leader of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Ayo Oritsejafor, has commended President Goodluck Jonathan for selling the nation’s Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) to Private Investors.

He spoke in Abuja during an Interdenominational Church Service organized to celebrate the 53rd Independence anniversary of the country.

He said, “millions of Nigerians are importing generators, because, they are benefiting from it. I think that this week, private people will take over Power Holdings Company of Nigeria (PHCN). I think that it is a good thing to have private companies take over power and improve on it. I hope this same cabal will not spoil everything, because they are the ones importing the generators so that they can make money, while other Nigerians suffer. They are without conscience.”

It could be recalled that the PDP-led Federal Government has spent a total 20 billion dollars for the power sector in the last 14 years without any tangible result to show for it. Citizens have accused government officials and cronies of embezzling the funds.

Oritsejafor further lamented the Boko Haram situation, stating that 10,000 Nigerian citizens are presently residing in Cameroon as refugees. He said “As we speak, according to the United Nations Report, there are over 10,000 Nigerians refugees in Cameroon because of the activities of some mad men who called themselves members of Boko Haram who have no dignity and respect for humanity. It’s happening everyday and not just in Cameroon alone.”

“Nigeria is in the hands of God, no one has power over this nation, God is in control. One of the things troubling this nation, are terrible demonic sacrifices that men have made human sacrifices and life cow sacrifices for wealth and political powers. Where we are today in Nigeria, God must fight the battle and God is fighting the battle. If we want God to fight the battle, we must come 100per cent to the alter of God.”

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