Arsene Wenger: Arsenal Can’t Win League, Praises Flamini As Change Maker

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal Can’t Win League, Praises Flamini As Change Maker

By Lanre Oguntoyinbo:

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger has said it is “absolutely ridiculous” to talk

about the possibility of Arsenal winning the title after just six
games, but said he was confident the Gunners could continue
their fine start to the season.
Wenger described the opening day defeat at home to Aston
Villa — since which his team have won every game they have
played — as “an accident that can happen”.
He praised Olivier Giroud, calling him one of Europe’s leading
strikers, as well as paying tribute to the contribution of made
by Mathieu Flamini as he spoke about the belief running through
the club.
“You believe 100 percent, or you don’t believe. So that’s how
much our belief is,” he said. “I think at our job the most
important thing is to have a good balance between ambition and
humility. Ambition, because of course we want to win, but
humility as well, because we know we have only played six games.
“To speak today about the title is absolutely ridiculous, but what
we have done is to continue to have the same ambition. I think
the team has a good humility level and is conscious that we
want to improve.”
Wenger said his players’ superb response to the shock of Villa’s
3-1 win was what he had been expecting.
“I trust the mental response of this group,” he said. “If you
put it into perspective, it was just one single game that we lost
in 21 now, so I think it was a combination of factors: the fact
that we had not bought anybody, we had not won the league for
years and the fact that we started badly.
“All this together made the situation a little bit explosive but
purely on the results perspective it was an accident that can
Wenger went on to discuss the impact made by Giroud, saying:
“He is already [one of the leading strikers in Europe]. I just
think will he improve, be better in all the aspects of his game?
As long as all the aspects are there, the attitude is there as
well, then at 27 you always think the best years are coming for
him now.”
The Arsenal manager said he also felt the returning Flamini had
been key to the Gunners’ excellent start. “Many people
questioned us when we did that [brought him back], but since
he played he has done very well.
“Overall, what is most important is the balance of the team and
that on every day when your team plays, you get that balance
right. Flamini contributes to that and that’s why I think he
could contribute to the success of the team.”
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