Adekunle Smith: EL-Rufai And The Kings Men

Adekunle Smith: EL-Rufai And The Kings Men

El-Rufai the Deputy National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is known for always speaking his mind and not minding whose axe is gored, was quoted in an interview published in a national daily on saturday to have said “nothing can make Jonathan succeed and that the President is grossly incompetent, because he doesn’t listen and doesn’t even understand the issues”. There are different reactions to this statement, some people agree with it while others see it as a statement from an opposition leader who can never see any good from Mr President’s “Nazareth”.

However, Reno Omokri who is the Special Assistant (New Media) to the President alleges that the wave of attack from El-Rufai is because he was denied a favour he sought from the President three years ago. This allegation goes to the core of El-rufai’s person and his credibility as a leader (a politician is a politricksian and therefore cannot be wholly trusted). Yet a deeper look at this response brings an issue of how the President’s Men have always shielded their boss by casting mud on the messenger and ignoring the message. Nigerians are not shortsighted, infact we are still waiting for the public debate with Mrs Oby Ezekwesili and several others who have publicly challenged this government.

In further response to El-Rufai’s statement, Reno urged the public “not to be misled by tthe machinations of El-Rufai, a man who is in dire need of prayers and perhaps psychological assistance”. This statement has been echoed by the Christian Association of Nigeria who have also asked El-Rufai to go for a psychiatrist test after he questioned Oritsejafor’s credibility. This reintroduces a begging question, could CAN and Reno be right about El-Rufai or are they acting a common script prepared by guess who? Unbiased observers can never be comfortable with the public marriage between the chain-wearing CAN President and Mr Jonathan who coincidentally happens to be from the same region, maybe I have to read my bible well again to be sure of men of Gods conduct. With the Nigerian public tired of empty, unfulfilled promises and ineptitude of this Jonathan-led PDP government, the CAN Presidents endorsement of it comes within very questionable limits.

El-Rufai’s challenge of the Presidency to make public the request he made which was turned puts the matter in a different light especially with his assertion that Jonathan requested his support for his Presidential ambition which he rejected despite several offers. The question is would we ever get to know the request or is it an obvious ruse by the Presidency as we have always seen. We can only wait and watch but with dread in our hearts that the battle for the soul of this country gets messier, issues raised are never adequately tackled instead the messenger is “hanged on the tree” of silly accusations.

The Nigerian youths and masses must watch, pray and participate actively in the affairs that determine whether we paddle this nation whether to greatness or doom, we must not allow religious sentiments becloud our judgment. As we choose whether to remain in the “fresh air” of unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, high mortality rates and bad governance or move on to a new lease of life.

Adekunle Smith

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