[OPINION] Ojay Kiakia: APC: Devil’s Alternative

[OPINION] Ojay Kiakia: APC: Devil’s Alternative

The structure of Nigeria come crashing down briefly after independence, and ever since, things has gone worst with every other government, enough that
by the inception of this democratic dispensation, people’s expectation had turned to desperation, we go into poll full of hope and return with that hope smashed, and when APC emerged, people heaved a sigh, that may be we might have a change at last, instead, APC turn out to be a devil’s alternative.

Devil’s alternative is when you have to choose between a Pharaoh and the red sea, an alternative where no matter what you do, things are definitely
going to get worse. APC as a political party and some personalities in the fold portend a source of worry to me, that I am compel to call the attention of every Nigerian to this danger signal.

I write with respect to a statement by one Ayo Akande, that an APC governor in office as president in 2015 will put an end to Boko Haram insurgence under one month. It is only in Nigeria that people will make such boast,
despite the alarming security situation and SSS and every security apparatus will go to sleep. How can Ayo and APC be so sure unless they have special knowledge about Boko Haram internal mechanism?

In the same manner, some APC serving Governors strolled into Borno, discarding their escorts, to show off that Boko Haram is just about bad government, but Nigerian failed to realised that Boko Haram has been indiscriminate in their operations, they had killed school children of
Northern extraction, killed a Northern  Senator, they had made attempt on Emir of Kano, that the APC governor display of confidence could only means
they know something and they are not telling Nigerian.

General Buhari made similar threat of bloodshed before 2011 general election, whether this was a lame threat, has been played out in unprecedented security situation in the country after that election.

Tinubu the former Lagos state governor, had given his nod to this menace, calling for amnesty for Boko Haram, and blaming the federal government for this crisis, even when bomb are found in Lagos, he kept a dead mute, Ayo,
and Tinubu is heading the way of legendary Afonja, who gave a portion of Yoruba away on the altar of politics, the Yoruba leaders like Afenifere should step in before every part of Yoruba go up in flames.

If Buhari is a member of council of state, the same thing with all the APC governors, the patriotic thing to do is to make the antidote to Boko Haram insurgence available to the council, this security situation is not an economic, infrastructure, foreign affair strategy that can wait until APC
get to office in 2015, people are dying every day, and every Nigerian should not fold their arms.

The implication of Ayo Akande’s statement is that the Boko Haram insurgence will continue till 2015, and if APC does not win the election the insurgence will continue indefinitely. I call on the state security service to investigate all these activities, starting with the governors that
visited Borno and Ayo Akande.

If President Good Luck Jonathan abandoned his job to visit Borno, to even political score, then he owe it to the people of Nigeria to make nationwide broadcast about the state of the Nation with regards to Boko Haram, if the
death of several Nigerian does not move the President to do this, then Nigerian have a lot to worry about.

My sympathy to the sojourners in the North, who are the target of this attacks, on Easter Sunday there was another attack in Kano, it is high time people start strategising for their own safety, it is clear that Boko Haram
make their attack on every Christian festivity, on Sundays, and they usually target populated area where there is none of their own, as such, people from elsewhere living in the North must be prepared, put some safety measure in place, place barrier, employ the police, and make every security tips available to the appropriate authorities.

While I respect the Franchise of every Nigerian, such privilege should be disregarded when it is posing a threat to the lives of Nigerian and unity of the nation. Unless APC comes out to clear the air about this allegations, they don’t worth the vote of anybody in this country, PDP don’t worth our sweat either, younger and vibrant Nigerian should come out
to rescue this nation, from blood sucking APC and gluttony PDP, Nigeria arise! Long live Nigeria!!!

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