[OPINION] Chimamanda Adichie: Something Dreadful Has Happened

[OPINION] Chimamanda Adichie: Something Dreadful Has Happened

An Igbo Elegy on Hearing of the Passing of Professor Chinua Achebe, By Chimamanda Adichie

Ife mee. Nnukwu ife mee. Chinua Achebe anabago. Onye edemede nke di egwu,

onye nnukwu uche, onye obi oma. Keduzi onye anyi ga-eji eme onu?

Keduzi onye anyi ga-eji jee mba? Keduzi onye ga-akwado anyi? Ebenebe

egbu o! Anya mmili julu m anya. Chinua Achebe, naba no ndokwa. O

ga-adili gi mma. Naba na ndokwa.

Something dreadful has happened, a big event has occurred

Chinua Achebe has commenced the transition to the great beyond,

a big thinker, a brilliant mind, a kind soul 

Who is now going to be our reference of pride? Who speaks now for us in the contest of wills?

Who is even going to prepare our path?

Truly, a great misfortune has occurred. Farewell Chinua Achebe.

Go well, your path will be smooth.

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